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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Window of opportunities

When opportunity knocked, the 'Mob Wives' answered in full force in the latest episode. Taking a minor break from the feuds, they focused on their passions and hobbies.
After ruffling some feathers with the debut of her biography, Karen Gravano was ready to take on a new business venture with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo. Dr. Fiorillo was gearing up to open a new spa in Manhattan and thought Karen could be a great partner for the business and, of course, planner of the launch party. Karen, who had experience running a spa back in Arizona, was excited to take on the challenge. The spa could provide the stability needed to solidify her roots in New York with her daughter, though, her daughter Karina wasn't too enthusiastic about the prospect of permanently leaving her home in Arizona behind.
Karen met Renee and Ramona at The Wine Room to enlist their help on the project. She put Renee in charge of gift bags, which would be good to take her mind off of her father's court woes, and Ramona on getting the lasers for skin treatments. Both jumped at the bait and were ready to have Karen's back. When it came time for the party though, the lasers were nowhere to be found and the gift bags, well, were put together in ten minutes. Despite the glitches, the grand opening bash for the Medspa named Luminique was a success nonetheless. Big Ang was especially thrilled with the on-the-spot cosmetic offerings.
drita 4.29.12.jpgDrita fulfills a childhood dream to drop some rhymes in a studio and rap on a track
"I need to look younger," she declared.
After getting implants to the third power, a tummy tuck, lipo and lip injections, something was missing from her list – believe it or not –Botox. She withstood the painful needling of Botox treatments after a field trip to Dr. Josiane Lederman's dermatology office. "It ain't no joke," she told the cameras. Her beauty work didn't end there. Her gum chewing, youthful hair stylist Christina later came to the rescue with marital advice and hair extensions.
Ang had another mission. She wanted to open the lines of communication between Karen and Drita and get the women all back on speaking terms. Ramona wasn't feeling the love though when she met Ang at the Drunken Monkey and instead continued lamenting about her jewelry that was confiscated from her convict boyfriend's house.
Speaking of Drita, apparently she's a rapper. Who knew? She fulfilled her lifelong dream and dropped some beats for Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana and appeared in the music video.
"Red bottoms, [expletive]. Baddest in the club. I'm no golfer. But I'm known to keep a couple clubs...I don't need a crew. Punch teeth, fall out yo mouth. You're going to need 'em new, need 'em new," she rapped.
Well, at least we know she writes her own lyrics.
She got a surprising phone call from her hubby Lee, who was supposedly done serving time in jail upstate and would be headed to the closer confines of Brooklyn. She wasn't too thrilled at the prospect, even though it would be easier for the children to visit him.
Renee dropped another bomb on Drita when she met up with her and Carla at Portobello Café. Renee thought it was officially time for Drita to meet up with Karen to clear the air. Drita was surprisingly receptive to the idea.
When Renee pleaded with Karen to do the same while she was in a jovial mood at her spa party, she too was open to the idea. "At this point, I just want to see what Drita has to say," Karen replied.
Karen's cousin Rena didn't think giving Drita another chance was such a hot idea though. In 'Mob Wives' style, she was ready with fighting words to get her cousin riled up.

Quotable:  "The only way that you have to deal with her is hit her. The minute she opens her words, crack her jaw." – Rena (Karen's cousin)



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