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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Drita and Ramona cool their jets

Host Joy Behar had a simple request: Don't get up from the couch. She obviously never dealt with the "Mob Wives" before because they're not known for playing by the rules. Part two of VH1's Reunion special picked up right where last week left off. Drita screamed in a rage off the set with Ramona verbally fueling the fire and Behar's horrified eyes glued to the scene of the wreckage.
"I think your anger is fine, but don't get up. Can you do that? Just stay in the seat. Because talking is not harmful. Hitting is harmful," Behar pleaded softly.
Professor Carla also chimed in with some words of wisdom, "Lower your voice and speak a little nicer. You're talking disrespectful to each other."
Reunion Pt 2 5.27.12.jpgHost Joy Behar tries to cool tempers during Part Two of the "Mob Wives" Reunion special.
Drita returned with a bang after Ramona insisted she was the one creating the drama and wasn't thug enough to truly take her on.
"After the show we're fightin'!" Drita declared.
Renee chided Behar to silence the madness once and for all. Voilà. Situation diffused.
Behar wasn't able to figure out why Drita was so incensed by Ramona playing referee at Renee's birthday bash. Nor could she get Drita and Karen to agree on what a friendship entailed.
She moved on to their love lives and had Carla's husband Joe and Karen's "baby daddy," Dave join the set for discussion. Joe revealed his opinion of "Mob Wives" as an over the top show, but said it is a hit back in the slammer. The women agreed Carla would eventually get back with the charmer Joe despite his cheating ways and affinity for younger women. After all, Carla is his, "number one. The girlfriend is number two."
Karen and Dave's future might not be rosy dosy as the two continued to disagree on whether settling down on Staten Island was the best move for the family. Being in prison for ten years of their relationship and having a fling with a correctional officer also is a bit of a damper.
Behar prodded them about the challenges of raising children as single mothers while their men were in jail and keeping their rage-a-holic tempers in check.
So who dropped the most f-bombs this season? That would be Renee with a total of 407 expletives according to VH1's swear counter as they cued up the footage.
The show's breakout star of smiles, Big Ang, finally got to delve into her past jail time.
Driving down Richmond Road on her way to a hot date one night, her car was surrounded by cops yelling at her to get out of the vehicle. She was busted for possession and the sale of cocaine after a close friend cooperated with the police or in their terms "ratted." She spent most of her time serving under house arrest though and wasn't super fond of the ankle bracelet.
Behar then proceeded to beat a dead horse –again –by revisiting Karen's book and the feud between Drita and Ramona.
Allegedly, the schism was due to Drita trying to block Ramona from joining the cast. Drita denied it but did say she wanted to block a major problem.
In her quiet, "Godfather manner," fiery eyes and legs innocently crossed, Ramona remarked on their future relationship with one another, "I'll keep it cordial. You don't bother me. I don't bother you."
It seems the ladies reached a détente...until Season Three that is.

Quotable: "I'd rather tangle with the Taliban." – Joy Behar



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