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Friday, June 15, 2012

Colombo rat says he didnt flip out of fear of losing girlfriend

 defendant Francis (BF) Guerra in white shirt and mob rat Anthony (Big Anthony) Russo in dark-colored shirt.
Colombo canary Anthony Russo (c.) hangs out with old pal Francis Guerra (l.).

A FORMER Colombo capo testifying in a mob associate’s murder trial denied Thursday that he became a government snitch out of fear of losing his moll while doing a stint in prison.
Turncoat Anthony Russo admitted on cross-examination that he heard his girlfriend Mitzi Medina may have been stepping out on him during a seven-year prison stint that ended in 2007.
After his arrest last year, Russo faced life in prison for a gangland murder he allegedly committed with his former best friend Frank Guerra. Gerald McMahon, Guerra’s lawyer, taunted Russo that he feared she would leave him if he were locked away for life.
“If you’re gone for a long time, she’s gone,” McMahon said to Russo, who testified against Guerra in the hope of a more lenient sentence.
Russo said he “loves Mitzi to death” but rejected the assertion he’s a lovelorn louse.
“I ain’t did this because I’m worried about a woman leaving me,” he said.
A source said Russo is insanely jealous, frequently calling friends from prison to check on Medina’s comings and goings, and blows up when she doesn’t answer the phone right away. She worked as a bartender in a strip club when he met her the day after his then-wife, Michelle, gave birth, according to the source.
Guerra is on trial for murder and extortion.


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