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Thursday, June 14, 2012

More mob wives set to appear on television

The longtime girlfriend of mobster James “Whitey” Bulger is appealing her 8-year prison sentence imposed this week for helping the aged Irish gangster avoid capture for 16 years.
Too bad Catherine Greig didn’t catch the first season of the cable TV series “I Married a Mobster” before she and Bulger were apprehended last June.
She might have learned that the kind of relationship she had with Bulger rarely ends well.
“IMAM” features one real-life, sadder-but-wiser mob wife each week. Nearly all were betrayed in one way or another — which explains why they agreed to be on the show.
TROUBLE: James “Whitey” Bulger’s (pictured in 1953) ex-girlfriend talks to ID about their relationship.
TROUBLE: James “Whitey” Bulger’s (pictured in 1953) ex-girlfriend talks to ID about their relationship.
Lyndsey Cyran
“Toni” Marie Fappiano,
Lynda Milito
Lynda Milito
The series returns in the fall, but The Post got the first look at the new cast — and it’s a who’s who of Mafia missuses:
* Christine Mazza, the ex-wife of Colombo crime family hit man Larry Mazza.
He is most famous for his teenage dalliance with the wife of feared Brooklyn gangster Greg Scarpa, who bizarrely gave his approval for the affair.
Larry was in jail for most of his marriage to Christine, a hairdresser, but the two remained friends after divorcing.
* Lynda Milito, widow of Gambino crime family triggerman Louie Milito.
Milito was in the same crew as mob turncoat Sammy Gravano, (whose daughter stars in the competing “Mob Wives”).
Milito disappeared in 1988 and, though no body has ever been found, Lynda has always blamed Gravano for the murder.
She published a book, “Mafia Wife,” threatened to sue HBO and “The Sopranos” for supposedly stealing details of her life (nothing ever came of it) and claims her husband told her he killed Jimmy Hoffa.
* Lyndsey Cyr, an ex-girlfriend of Bulger’s, who had a son during her 1960s affair with the Boston mob boss.
The boy, believed to be Bulger’s only child, died at age 6 from a rare allergy to aspirin, according to reports.
The couple broke up not long after — though Bulger reportedly stayed in touch, calling her twice while he was on the lam.
“I’m sick and tired of him being portrayed as a madman,’’ Cyr said in 2010. “That’s not the man I know.’’
* “Toni” Marie Fappiano, ex-wife of Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo, a Gambino boss and close friend of John Gotti Jr., who ended up testifying against him at three trials that all ended with hung juries.
Fappiano was a cousin of a Gotti underboss Frank DeCicco, so she knew what she was in for when she married Mikey Scars.
They had a son before she found out he had a girl on the side, and Fappiano divorced him. (In Mikey’s defense, he married the girlfriend shortly after and reportedly now has a family with her — all in the witness protection program.)
* Georgia Durante, ex-wife of Rochester mobster Joe Lamendola. A former child model — she appeared in ads for Kodak — turned mob lemons into lemoncello. She claims she was a getaway driver on some of her husband’s bank jobs.
After she divorced him — and testified against his associates — Georgia started her own stunt-driving school upstate, and she has worked as a body double for Cindy Crawford and Priscilla Presley, according to reports.


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