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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photos of Whitey Bulger's fugitive life released

The U.S. Attorney’s office released pictures of inside the Santa Monica apartment of reputed mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger and his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig Friday.
The pictures show everything from guns to books on crime that investigators say Bulger was reading. In total, 1,000 pages of documents were released.
The Santa Monica apartment James Whitey Bulger shared with Catherine Greig had the usual trappings found in any couple's home. What was unusual: the amount of guns, ammunition and cash.
When the FBI arrested Bulger and Greig last June they found well over 30 firearms and knives in their home.
The pictures released showed several handguns of varying models as well as assault riffles and shotguns. Many were found under the bed wrapped in bags and duct-tape. There were also bags of ammunition.
One photo shows a shelf with a stack of books about gangsters and crime, including several about Bulger himself and one entitled "Brutal" written by his right-hand man Kevin Weeks.
FBI agents also told Bulger they found the book he was working on. Surprised, he replied, "[Expletive, you found it? Did I name names?"
Another shelf was filled with World War II books.
There was also a book called "How to Find Missing Persons."
Officials say they found more than $800,000 in Greig and Bulger's home. Bulger and Greig paid each month's rent in cash.
In drawers and in walls were hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. There were rolls of $100 bills with a $5 on top.
Bulger told agents he had "hidden and subsequently picked up money all over the country."
The hundreds of pictures were released Friday -- three days after Greig was sentenced to 8 years in prison for helping Bulger stay on the run for 16 years.
Bulger's trial date is set for November.



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