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Friday, August 3, 2012

Junior Lollipops from the Colombos dies of natural causes in prison

Columbo crime family captin Joseph Carna leaves Brooklyn Federal Court.
Junior Lollipops has gone to that great big candy store in the sky.
Reputed Colombo capo Joseph Carna, who possessed one of the more unusual nicknames in New York City gangland, has died of natural causes at a federal prison hospital while serving a 6-month sentence for money laundering, officials said Friday.
Carna, 71, was due to be released from Devens Medical Center in Massachusetts on Oct. 14, said a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.
Carna was a participant in the 1982 slaying of former nun Veronica Zuraw, who was fatally wounded by a stray bullet during a gangland hit outside her Gravesend home, federal prosecutors have stated in court papers.
The targets of the hit were porn king Joseph Peraino — who survived but was left paralyzed — and his son, Joseph Jr., who was killed.
The feds also alleged that Colombo crime boss Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli was involved, but neither gangster was ever charged with Zuraw's death.
Gioeli reportedly blabbed to a member of his crew that “I'm going to hell,” for the nun's murder, prosecutors said.
Defense lawyer Jeremy Guttman said he had not been notified of the wiseguy's demise, but noted that Carna suffered from myriad maladies, including a heart condition.
Carna got the nickname from his father, who owned an eatery called "Lolly's" in Brooklyn.
He pleaded guilty to laundering money from an illegal gambling business shared by high-ranking Colombo gangsters.


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