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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mob Wives films Hurricane Sandy's Staten Island aftermath

Mob Wives, the snarling, mafia-women reality show shot in Staten Island, is going to make the hurricane and tragic aftermath a part of the upcoming season, according the show’s creator.

A week after shutting down production on the show, cameras started filming Big Ang, Ramona Rizzo and Drita Davanzo over the weekend as they ventured out after the storm that killed 22 people on the island.

“This is all part of the reality of these women, and we can’t ignore it,” says Jennifer Graziano, who created and produces the show.

Graziano — whose excitable sister Rene is the show’s most compelling character — says she will have to work carefully to make the storm part of the show’s story line.

“We’re not a documentary or a news crew,” she says. “We don’t want to intrude on the people who have been hurt bad.

“But we do want to see what’s happened here through the eyes of the women.”

“I have to admit, Ramona has shocked me,” says Graziano. “She’s supposed to be the bitch, but she has been at every donation site on the island.

“This is going to sound funny but Ramona has had a Barbie collection since she was kid. It was her favorite thing.

“She went down to Midland Beach [one of the hardest hits areas on the island] and gave the entire collection to a kid who’d lost all her toys.”



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