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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bonanno crime family puts Mob Wives dad TG Graziano on the shelf

Forget sleeping with the fishes — the father of a Mob Wife has been “put on the shelf.”
Anthony “TG” Graziano, the imprisoned dad of VH1 reality star Renee Graziano, has been sidelined by the Bonanno family as a result of his daughter’s appearances on the show.
The elder Graziano, 72, “has been stripped of all his mobster rights and responsibilities,” the Gang Land News site reported yesterday.
Despite efforts by the former capo to distance himself from the series, members of the Bonanno family are “irate” over regular on-air references to the group’s legal troubles, the site said.
Renee Graziano
Although not as infamous as other types of mob justice, being “put on the shelf” severely diminishes Graziano’s standing, and cuts him out of financial deals that generate income.
“It means ‘pay him no mind,’ ” a law enforcement official said. “He has no mob responsibilities, and he can’t earn. They don’t know if he’s cooperating. They’re not ‘unmaking’ him, but it means he’s not active.”
“It’s totally devastating to these guys,” added a federal prosecutor who specializes in mafia cases. “It’s such a blow that some of them have even testified that that’s the reason that they have decided to cooperate [with law enforcement]. It means people aren’t supposed to deal with you at all.”
The penalty marks the latest setback for Graziano, who returned to prison last year after being charged with racketeering and extortion.
Even from the slammer, he’s figured prominently on the series, a ratings powerhouse now in its third season. Sunday’s episode featured Renee Graziano burning pictures of her ex-husband, Hector “Junior” Pagan, whose testimony as a DEA informant proved crucial in the case.
Another daughter, Jennifer Graziano, created “Mob Wives” and serves as an executive producer.
The senior Graziano has never taken kindly to his daughters’ TV work, refusing to appear on the series during the few months of its run when he hasn’t been in prison.
Renee Graziano has claimed in interviews that she and her father haven’t spoken since before the show began.
For the most part, however, she and her sister have suffered little for their involvement. Gang Land News cited a report that the sisters were refused service recently at Rao’s, an restaurant in East Harlem.


"My father has never 'allowed' me to do anything as it pertains to the show. He was completely unaware of its existence at first. In fact, he wasn't speaking to me and we were estranged for quite some time over it. The show is about the women's lives and not the men. I definitely don't understand why anyone would feel that there is constant focus on TG. Out of 33 episodes so far there were maybe 3 where Renee discusses him and her relationship with him. We can't help that she is her father's daughter - again that's a part of HER life and HER identity," says Graziano via email. "I guess this 'usually reliable' source isn't on instagram cause if they were they would see that two weeks ago we were at Rao's enjoying my sisters birthday dinner. Same goes for Ang. Oh and there is no woman on the show from the Bronx, so I really question these sources. The only accuracy is my quote that 'I have no idea what goes on amongst men' but it seems to me with this many innacuracies neither do Mr. Capeci's sources."

"Half of this so called source's credibility is out the window. My father did not go to jail in 1983. My father and I do not speak to each other so he has never threatened me or spoke to me about the show - nor would I tolerate it. It was mine and Jennifer's choice not to mention him and he had nothing to do with keeping his name from being mentioned."



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