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Friday, October 11, 2013

Feds hope to reward Colombo captain for his cooperation

Another major mob rat is about to get his slice of government cheese.

Federal prosecutors want leniency for former Colombo capo Anthony “Big Anthony” Russo at his upcoming sentencing as a reward his cooperation with authorities, Brooklyn federal court papers show.

The mafia snitch – who helped to put away former acting Colombo captain Andrew Russo and underboss Benjamin Castellazzo – faces a minimum of five years in prison and a max of more than 30 years behind bars.

The gangster came clean about his decades long career as a vicious hoodlum – and even copped to joining a colleague in cutting off a dead man’s penis and placing it in his mouth as a final humiliation.

Russo will be the latest rat to benefit handsomely from his cooperation with federal prosecutors in their increasingly effective war against organized crime.

A parade of mob turncoats – from former Bonanno boss Joey Massino to captain Richard Cantarella – have shuffled into Brooklyn federal courtrooms in recent months to be rewarded for reneging on their omerta oaths.

Prosecutors credit Russo with spilling critical information about no less than 23 of his former family comrades. “Russo has provided substantial cooperation in the government’s longstanding and continuing investigation into the Colombo crime family,” reads the filing.

The feds were given an inside look into the most sensitive inner workings of the once powerful clan as Russo offered details into their most vicious crimes and key administrative maneuvers.



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