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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mob Wives rat Hector Pagan Jr details three decades of crime during court testimony

‘Mob Wives’ star’s ex-hubby lays out crime past in murder trial
The Mafia turncoat ex-hubby of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano laid out his life of mob mayhem Tuesday at a murder trial in Brooklyn federal court.
Admitted killer Hector Pagan was testifying against a pair of former pals accused in the murder of Luchese associate James Donovan outside a Gravesend body shop in 2010.
Pagan has admitted to pulling the trigger in the slaying but agreed to cooperate against reputed Gambino associate Luigi Grasso and reputed Bonanno associate Richard Riccardi to lighten his own sentence for a host of separate crimes.
“I put the gun to him and said, ‘Stay right here,’” said Pagan. “He wiggled away and started running. I turned around and shot him.”
Several of Donovan’s family members were reduced to tears as Pagan recalled the cold-blooded killing.
The mobsters targeted Donovan because he was known to carry around thick wads of cash and they ambushed him as he pulled up to a body shop.
Now 47, Pagan chillingly outlined his more than three decades of violent and criminal behavior that began at the age of 13 for jurors.
Pagan, who told the court that he’s half-Italian and half-Spanish, shifted allegiances between mob families before he settled with the Bonannos after marrying Graziano, whose father was then consigliere of the crime crew.
Pagan admitted to selling hundreds of pounds of pot, committing numerous assaults, loan sharking and illegal gambling.
He coldly recalled one gruesome prison incident where he punched a man who then fell onto a sharp object that popped out his eyeball.
Pagan became a prolific mob rat and wore a wire to record incriminating conversations with his own father-in-law, Anthony Graziano, to save his skin.



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