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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doctor details Lucchese associate's final moments before death

Doctor details dying man’s last moments in mob murder trial
A stunning Brooklyn-born surgeon who parlayed reality show celebrity into a thriving Atlanta plastic surgery career returned to her roots Monday to offer graphic testimony at a mafia murder trial.
Before performing nips and nose jobs at a high end spa down south, Dr. Tara Margarella treated gunshot and stabbing victims in the chaotic emergency room at Lutheran Medical Center in her home borough.
The head-turning physician testified at the murder trial of mobsters Luigi Grasso and Richard Riccardi in Brooklyn federal court Monday where she recalled the dying moments of the man they’re accused of killing.
The Fontbonne Hall Academy valedictorian — who was the featured on the 2012 ABC show “New York Med” and appeared on the Dr. Oz show last year — described treating the “shredded” body of Luchese associate James Donovan on July 2, 2010.
Speaking with a slight Brooklyn accent, the married mom said she was about to finish up an otherwise quiet shift when she was told that a seriously wounded patient was on the way.
“He was bleeding profusely,” Margarella recalled as Donovan’s relatives burst out into sobs in the crowded courtroom gallery.
After his vital signs began to fade, she said the situation was hopeless. “I wasn’t able to bring him back,” she said.
Gambino associate Grasso and Bonanno associate Riccardi are accused of taking part in the botched robbery of Donovan at his Gravesend body shop.
The accused triggerman in the murder, Bonanno associate Hector Pagan, is testifying against them after agreeing to cooperate with the government.
The ex-husband of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano, Pagan has worn a wire to bust a slew of mobsters.



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