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Friday, April 18, 2014

FBI searches for man connected to Gambino family home invasion murder

The feds are looking for their man.Antoine Burroughs, 25, is wanted in connection with a 2009 Ozone Park home invasion robbery gone awry.
A week after FBI agents arrested a suspect in a mob-related 4-year-old murder case in Queens, the agency has asked the public for help tracking down a second man.

Antoine Burroughs, 25, could be hiding out with relatives in the Bronx or Harlem, where he was last seen with family, law enforcement officials told the Daily News Monday.

“If anyone knows his whereabouts, we’re asking that they come forward with that information,” said Richard Frankel, special agent in the criminal division of the New York City field office. “As always, tipsters can remain anonymous.”

A grand jury indicted Burroughs on March 13 along with an accomplice, Leon Whitefield, for trying to rob pizza store owner Bartolomeo Antoniello at his Ozone Park home in September 2009. The two shot Antoniello’s son Gerardo, 29, as he attempted to protect his father, prosecutors said.
Gerardo "Jerry" Antoniello died at 29 defending his father from robbers hoping to steal the family pizza joint's cash for the night in September of 2009.

The feds apprehended Whitfield six days later, but the six-foot, one-inch Burroughs remains on the lam and should be considered armed and dangerous, said Frankel.

Family members of the fallen janitor who often helped his father at the family’s Howard Beach pizzeria Romeo’s welcomed news of the renewed search, though Gerardo’s older brother Angelo Antoniello was hesitant to speak too much in light of the pending trial at Manhattan federal court.

“Now they have the feds involved — I think that’s great,” said Antoniello, 39, who added, “We’re hoping these guys get life if they're the ones that did it.”
Francis LaCorte is convicted of arranging the 2009 robbery. He's currently serving 50 years to life for his role in the death of Gerardo Antoniello.

The 2009 robbery-gone-awry was one of three home invasions orchestrated by Gambino crime family associate Francis LaCorte, according to the FBI. LaCorte is currently serving 50 years to life for his role in the killing.

“This was a particularly brutal murder in which a son was gunned down in his own home as he bravely came to the aid of his father who was being robbed,” said Queens DA Richard Brown after LaCorte’s 2012 sentencing.

“At trial, the defendant was found guilty of not just murdering the young man but of having orchestrated, planned and carried out other home robberies at gunpoint.”

Tipsters who spot Burroughs can contact the FBI anytime at 212-384-1000.



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