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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Broke Mob Wife has brother pay $20k of her restitution tab

Alicia DiMichele is due to plead guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court next month for stealing union funds.
She’s gone from “Mob Wives” to being one Broke Girl.

Sexy ex-reality TV star Alicia DiMichele agreed to pay $40,000 restitution to Teamsters Local 282 for embezzling funds when she handled the books for her mobster husband's trucking company — but her brother had to step in Tuesday to write the first check.

“The years of litigation with her husband in jail have taken a toll on her family and her financial stability,” said DiMichele's lawyer Steve Zissou.

“She was fortunate to have her brother ready and willing to help out when necessary.”

Her brother Anthony ponied up the $20,000 due as initial payment for the restitution.

DiMichele, 40, is married to Colombo enforcer Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo, Jr., who is serving time for murder conspiracy.

She resigned from “Mob Wives” earlier this year but still owns the Addiction Boutique in Cherry Hill, N.J.

DiMichele withdrew her guilty plea after the union demanded $2.8 million in restitution, but with a settlement reached she will plead guilty for a second time next month in Brooklyn Federal Court. She faces up to six months behind bars.



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