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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bonanno captain sent back to jail for attending the crime family's Christmas party

A Bonanno capo who violated his probation by attending a Christmas party thrown by wiseguys was tossed back in prison for two more years Tuesday by a judge who blasted his “brazen disregard” of court orders.

A clearly fed-up Brooklyn federal court Judge Nicholas Garaufis said Anthony “Little Anthony” Pipitone abused the court’s trust by claiming he was “done” with his mobster lifestyle after serving 46 months for a brutal 2004 stabbing.

“The defendant has not given any indication to me that he is willing to extricate himself from the Bonanno family,” the judge said.

Pipitone, who was ordered to stay away from mobsters as part of his supervised release post-prison, was busted for attending the party and two other meetings with Mafia pals within a nine-month period.



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