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Monday, July 31, 2017

Former Lucchese gangster involved in car crash

A Broward County woman was arrested Friday after she caused a crash in suburban West Palm Beach that left her husband with a shattered leg, then punched a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy in the stomach, according to an arrest report.
Elena Accetturo, 29, is facing charges of DUI with property damage, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, battery on an officer and driving with a suspended license. She was released Tuesday from the Palm Beach County Jail after posting a $12,000 bond.
The crash took place at North Jog Road and 62nd Drive North and involved a second car. When a deputy asked a paramedic at the scene if it appeared Accetturo was intoxicated, he answered, “Definitely.”
The deputy found Accetturo “muttering incoherently” and unable to answer questions, the report said. She declined to submit to a breath test. Accetturo also didn’t submit to a breath test after she was arrested for DUI in December, causing her license to be suspended, the report said.
After she was told at Wellington Regional Medical Center that she was being arrested, Accetturo allegedly attempted to punch a deputy in the stomach. Accetturo’s right hand hit the deputy’s body armor hard plate, causing her “a great deal of pain,” the report said.
Deputies recovered a small plastic bag containing cocaine that was confiscated by a nurse after Accetturo allegedly brought it into the hospital with her.
Accetturo’s husband, Anthony, had his leg shattered in several places and was likely to result in a permanent disfiguring injury, the report said.



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