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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bonanno mobster is granted $1M bail before sentencing to go see dentist

A reputed wiseguy who’s been behind bars since 2015 will get bail before his sentencing — so he can get dental work, a judge decided Tuesday.
Pasquale Maiorino was already serving a 30-month sentence on a federal gun count when the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office charged him last Aug. 4 in a massive racketeering scheme. He pleaded guilty in May to an extortion count.
Maiorino — who also has a second-degree murder conviction on his rap sheet — asked Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Sullivan last week for release before his scheduled Sept. 29 sentencing.
Maiorino “requires substantial dental work and is in danger of losing his teeth if he does not receive treatment,” his lawyer Charles Carnesi wrote in a letter last week.
Sullivan asked prosecutors whether they were worried Maiorino, 57, would act violently if released.
“You have concern(s) that he’s going to get out and whack somebody?” he asked, bristling when those in the courtroom chuckled at his comment.
“It is no joke,” Sullivan said.
“He did whack someone before,” Sullivan added.
Sullivan grudgingly agreed to Maiorino's pitch, granting him home detention for $1 million bond, backed by $900,000 in property.
He is expected to be released sometime next week.


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