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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Former girlfriend takes the stand at mob murder trial in Boston

A key witness in the murder trial of former mob boss “Cadillac” Frank Salemme returned to the stand Friday for a fourth straight day, but the spotlight was on the ex-girlfriend of Salemme’s son.
Salemme is charged with killing Stephen Disarro in 1993 at his Sharon home, but prosecutors say it was his late son Francis Salemme Junior who actually strangled The Channel Nightclub owner as his father looked on.
Jurors in South Boston’s John Joseph Moakley Courthouse heard from 47-year-old Becky Geiger after Robert DeLuca, 72, finished his testimony. Geiger was 21 when she worked as a dancer at the infamous Naked Eye strip club in Boston’s Combat Zone in 1991.
Geiger testified that she met Frank Jr. at the Naked Eye, became his girlfriend and left to work at The Channel, which featured rock bands.
Geiger told the court that Frank Jr. had a bad temper and once beat down a drummer at the nightclub who had grabbed her. She said he became convinced Disarro was stealing money.
“Frankie said he was pretty much done with him and he was mouthing off. He was madder than he normally gets but he was a hothead anyways,” Geiger said.
Geiger testified that Frank Jr. didn’t tell her about Disarro’s murder.
“I think it was just a general conversation that I won’t see Stephen anymore,” Geiger said.
Former New Hampshire state trooper Bruce Matthews told the jury he worked undercover in 1987 and busted a cocaine deal involving Frank Jr. and his close friend Paul Weidick, the co-defendant in the case.
Disarro’s half-brother could testify Monday. On paper, he was the co-owner of The Channel.



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