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Friday, June 1, 2018

Secret FBI tapes reveal turncoat New england mob boss warning son not to trust nightclub owner

Jurors in the trial of Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme heard secretly recorded FBI tapes that reveal the former mob boss warning his son not to trust Steven DiSarro, who was later murdered.
“DiSarro is going to turn on you,” Salemme is heard recounting in a conversation he had with his son in December 1991. "He’s a snake. He’s a sneak. He’s no [expletive] good.”
The recording was captured at the Logan Airport Hilton by FBI agents who had set up in an adjacent room, according to retired FBI agent Vincent delaMontaigne.
Steven DiSarro, a Boston nightclub owner and Providence native, vanished in May 1993. His body was exhumed from behind a Providence mill building in 2016.
delaMontaigne testified on the seventh day of the trial against Salemme, 84, and codefendant Paul Weadick, 62. The pair - along with Salemme’s late son - are accused of killing DiSarro because they feared he was going to cooperate with the FBI.
Investigators say Salemme watched as his son strangled DiSarro while Weadick held his legs at Salemme’s home in Sharon, Massachusetts.
Notorious mobster Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi is expected to testify that he walked in while the murder was happening. Salemme and Weadick have pleaded not guilty.
Rhode Island mobster Joe DeLuca, 78, testified on Wednesday that Salemme then drove DiSarro’s body to North Providence, and gave it to DeLuca. From there, DeLuca said he along with three others buried DiSarro behind a mill building on Branch Avenue in Providence owned by William Ricci.
According to The Boston Globe, Salemme’s attorney questioned delaMontaigne about whether a mob boss would do grunt work such as driving a body to another state.
“If I’m the boss, I can do anything,” delaMontaigne said.
Also expected to testify is Rhode Island capo Robert “Bobby” DeLuca, 72, Joe DeLuca’s younger brother.
Investigators say Bobby DeLuca received a call from Salemme that he should expect “a package,” which DeLuca knew to mean a body.
The younger DeLuca is in custody awaiting sentencing for lying to the FBI about what he knew of the DiSarro murder.
The FBI tape also references a longtime Rhode Island mobster, Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio. Salemme is heard talking about how he wants to elevate Manocchio from capo.
“If I could make Louie an acting underboss,” Salemme is heard saying, “when I'm out of town he takes over. Sometimes I get called down there or whatever - if a problem comes up, he handles it."



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