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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Bonanno gangster fatally shot at Bronx McDonald's drive thru

A reputed mobster — whose son was injured during an attempted hit job three months ago — was blasted to death at a McDonald’s drive thru in the Bronx on Thursday, sources said.
Sylvester Zottola, 71, a Bonanno crime family associate, was shot in the head and chest and shoulder while sitting in his car outside the fast food restaurant at Webster Avenue and Belmont Street at around 4:45 p.m., according to law enforcement sources.
Sylvester had been roughed up three times in the past year. His son, 41-year-old Salvatore Zottola, was injured when a gunman opened fire on him outside his Bronx home on July 11.
The July shooting was captured on surveillance video, but the younger Zottola did not cooperate with authorities and no arrests were made, sources said.
Investigators believe the attack on Salvatore was intended to be a message to his father, who received his own share of attempted assaults.
In September 2017, the elder Zottola was walking near his Bronx home when an assailant clubbed him over the head, sources said.
Two months later, a gun-wielding thug tried unsuccessfully to force Sylvester Zottola into a car at Meagher Avenue and the Throgs Neck Expressway, sources added.
The most vicious run-in came on a late December night when Sylvester Zottola walked in on three burglars ransacking his home.
One burglar pulled a knife and stabbed Zottola in the neck, putting him in critical condition in Jacobi Medical Center.
No arrests had been made Thursday evening in Zottola’s slaying.



  1. This guy must of seriously pissed someone off. Multiple attempts until mission accomplished. Would've love to know what warranted this hit.

  2. How fucking dumb was this guy? He knew he was on someones shitlist.

  3. Its going to be interesting finding out what happened. Who ordered it. Was it the bonnano family or another family or someone else? Its clear that someone wanted this guy dead. But what he do to deserve it? Why did he stay put instead of putting himself on the shelf. I think it speaks to the genius of Lucky Luciano and Maranzano whom first set it up that working out with each other thru the commission this crime families are still operating in 2018 and still deadly.

  4. What do you mean how dumb.. how could he stop it from happenning or should he run n hide like a little bitch

  5. It comes down to money,,,