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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Massino Tapes

Brooklyn federal prosecutors have made a transcript of Joe Massino's tapes he secretly made of Vinnie Basciano and described in "King Of The Godfathers." The transcript, filed in federal court, show Massino on January 7, 2005 leading Basciano down the garden path in a key conversation the feds are using to try and get the death penalty against Vinnie Gorgeous. Massino, who will be a key witness in Basciano's death penalty trial next year, made the tapes for the FBI in his bid to get a cooperation agreement.  As the two mobsters start talking, Massino talks about having to do his laundry and says his blood sugar (he is diabetic) is good.
   Massino: Yesterday I had too much to do. I got a visit. I hadda wash my clothes, two lawyer visits.
Basciano: Bo, washing your clothes is a fuckin' trip though, right?
Massino: I can't wear  the , the briefs, I gotta, I got a bah I got four pairs of boxers.
Basciano: I don't know who you do it in the that shower.
*    *   *

Basciano: How you feel, buddy?
Massino: I feel good.
Basciano: Oh, yeah?
Massino: My sugar's been good, but.
 During following days more excerpts will be published on this site as they relate to King of The Godfathers.



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