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Friday, November 19, 2010

Union Calls For Probe Of Montreal Mafia Involvement In Construction Industry

The Quebec Federation of Labour is calling on the Liberal party headed by Premier Jean Charest to launch a full-fledged public inquiry into increasing allegations that the province's construction industry may be corrupted by the Montreal Mafia and dirty politicians as reported by Marianne White for The Gazette: "The opposition parties in Quebec – which have been pressing the government for more than a year to hold an inquiry – had a field day with the QFL announcement. 'The premier is totally isolated,' said Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois. 'That begs the question: What is the premier afraid of for refusing to accept that demand that is virtually unanimous?' she added." Construction contractors and police associations are among those who previously have called for an inquiry among allegations of bid rigging by mob enforcers in the award of public contracts as reported by Rheal Seguin for The Globe and Mail: "News reports say that Mafia members have threatened business owners to keep them away from certain projects."


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