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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Staten Island mob arson informant charged in New Jersey rape

A man who helped firebomb a Staten Island deli because it competed with a mobbed-up bagel store has also been hit with sexual-assault charges, officials said.
David Aponte admitted that he helped in the Dec. 22, 2001, arson attack on My Deli & Grocery, a business in the Concord neighborhood that was owned by Hamim Syed, a Pakistani-American.
After the incident, Aponte pleaded guilty to arson-conspiracy charges, became a government informant, and secretly helped the feds investigate the firebombing, which was planned by reputed Gambino associate Edward “The Irishman’’ Fisher, officials said in court documents.
Until yesterday when the criminal case against him was unsealed, Aponte’s role in the arson attack was not known publicly.
While out on bail and awaiting sentencing for the deli attack, Brooklyn federal prosecutors say, Aponte was arrested by police in Bayonne, NJ, and charged with raping a female acquaintance.
Now Aponte may face tougher penalties for the deli arson when he is sentenced in Brooklyn federal court, if it’s proven that he violated his cooperation agreement with prosecutors by allegedly committing the sex attack.
No one was hurt in the arson attack, but the store was destroyed.



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