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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mob snitch survived bullets but finished off by shovels

A Manhattan federal jury heard how the target of a mob rubout survived a few slugs only to be finished off with shovels.
Prosecutors offered a preview of the evidence they gathered in the slaying of suspected mob snitch Gary Westerman during opening statements Tuesday in the racketeering trial of Genovese mobster Emilio Fusco.
Prosecutor Daniel Goldman said that after Westerman was shot several times, Fusco bashed him in the head with a shovel “to make sure the job was done.”
Westerman was a low-level associate of the Genovese mob faction in Springfield, Mass., when he was killed in 2003.
Last year a Manhattan Federal Court jury convicted the triggermen, Genovese enforcers Ty Geas, 39, and his brother, Fotios "Freddy" Geas who are now serving life sentences.
Turncoat mobster Anthony "Bingy" Arillotta, who admitted his involvement in the murder, is expected to testify at Fusco’s trial that he and Fusco bludgeoned Westerman after the victim initially survived the shooting.


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