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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Rumor Control

The cameras continued to capture the ramifications of the headline heard round the Island, "Hubby a snitch": crying, yelling and finger pointing.
While Renee cried and tried to understand how her ex-husband could conspire to bring down her father, VH1 had the video clips of Junior's deceitful soothing words handy. "You have nothing to worry about," Junior had said. The flashbacks of his good guy words, hand holding in the park and fake smiles stung.
Drita – who hadn't spoken to Renee since her explosive tirade against her on the Poconos trip she wasn't even invited to – went to Renee's house to console her. Their "beef" was over before it even began. Renee hugged Drita and realized she was wrong to question her loyalty. She's a true friend after all. Renee revealed that Junior had been cooperating with law enforcement before he had moved back into their house.
"It's some sort of betrayal that is way beyond anything...Junior used me to spy, to get closer, just to put my father in prison...Did he really love me?" Renee cried. For Drita, betrayal is an expected part of the lifestyle they lead.
Carla 4.15.12.jpg
Carla is back in Renee's cross hairs after sharing her opinion about Junior's actions.
Big Ang, worried about her friend, also visited to offer comfort. The season's happy go-lucky breakout star is expected to star in her own spinoff reality series set to air this summer.
It was Karen's shoulder to cry on that Renee appreciated most though. Karen could personally relate. Her family struggled after her father, "Sammy the Bull" turned FBI informant. Renee apologized for the icy reception and unkind words she threw Karen's way last season.
"I was one of those creepy people to judge a person based on their father's act," Renee admitted.
After tears and hugs, Karen forced Renee to find her own identity and move on from designating herself as a Graziano daughter or Pagan wife.
Karen opened up about her struggles to cope with her father's decision while recording an audio version of her book, a seamless plug worked into the episode. Karen reminisced about her reaction, "So you're going to become a rat? In our circles, that's the worst thing you can be called." Her chapter on Drita and Lee ought to raise eyebrows and fists in a future episode.
Speaking of fists, Drita continued to work out her aggression at Evolution Boxing with her trainer, Anthony. After a heated practice session, she decided to bow out of an upcoming match. She didn't want to worry her children nor risk ruining her face for future modeling gigs.
Carla managed to get herself in trouble again, simply by stating her opinion, which wasn't far from the truth. When meeting Karen for drinks and dinner, she hinted that Junior's betrayal shouldn't have come as a complete shock. He was acting odd after all and not to mention cheating on Renee and constantly arguing with her. Maybe the bubble finally bursting is the best thing that could happen for Renee. It only took a hot minute for her words to get misconstrued and back to Renee, not known for her level head.
Renee hit up 5 Boro Power Yoga with her friend Nikole for some serenity, peace and quiet. But she couldn't help but share the rumors about Carla's insinuations that she knew of Junior's deal and his plans to send her father to jail.
Carla's over the Renee drama and told Big Ang and Drita so at their attempt at relaxation at Beyond Beauty Day Spa. According to Carla, Renee is back to her "psycho ways again" and paranoid. It's hard to keep track of Renee's hit list. Carla is done trying and ranted about their seesaw friendship to the dismay of Ang and Drita who want to be there in Renee's time of need.
With the holidays around the corner, Renee has AJ to worry about, though he seemed the most composed. The mother and son met at Takayama Sushi-Louge to talk. When Renee explained that Christmas wouldn't be the same, AJ offered his own words of wisdom, "What is done is done. If you choose not to talk to [Junior] anymore, that is your choice. It's your father, that's your family. You stick with your family."

Quotable: "Even though Renee thinks that I said something about Junior and her, I really don't give a [expletive] because it's Christmas time, I'm with my family and I'm happy. So [expletive] off." – Carla Facciolo



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