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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Puppy Love

The D'Avanzo-Gravano showdown was put on hold for yet another episode as the women instead fought to keep their family lives intact.
Carla vented her frustrations about her ex-husband Joe over martinis with Big Ang at Buddha Lounge. When he initially returned from prison, he stepped up his fatherly game to make up for the time he missed with his children. Lately though, he's been MIA and Carla was determined to find out if a new fling was to blame.
"I feel like my kids have been cheated out of a father for six years. I can't let nobody step on my kids' feet," Carla explained to the cameras.
carla joe 5.6.12.jpgCarla Facciolo tries to work out why her ex-husband is increasingly absent from their children's lives.
She met Joe at Retro Fitness to get the weight off her shoulders that was bugging her. He wasn't very sympathetic though.
"I give them a whole day. I have other people I see. Like a girl I been seeing," he said. Joe also revealed that he even introduced his new exclusive girlfriend to the children. He wastes no time.
"She probably plays Barbie dolls with them," Carla retorted, mocking his affinity for younger women.
To unwind, Carla went on a puppy play date at a park to show off her new pooch with Big Ang and Drita's canines. They all agreed the dogs could be easier to get along with than the men in their lives who can't help but cheat.
The D'Avanzo children are no strangers to what it feels like to be cheated on. After receiving hopeful news that their father Lee would soon be moved to confinement in Brooklyn where they could easily visit him, Drita was instead faced with a new letdown for them to cope with. A letter from Lee indicated that he would be moved to a holdover location seven hours away. To top it off, no phone use is allowed. The consequences of his mistakes continue to punish his family.
There's one man who will always be put on a pedestal though: Big Ang's son AJ. For his 23rd birthday, Ang dropped over a grand on a chain necklace, and of course, some "diamonds, diamonds," for herself at Buono Jewelers. All she asked of her son in return was to find a nice girl – preferably one of course— to settle down with and get married.
Renee took her son and his girlfriend out for some bowling at Rab's Country Lanes for a pep talk. AJ, who recently was faced with assault charges, was having trouble in school. Renee found his struggles understandable in light of the controversy surrounding his father. But she was not a fan of his disrespectful, evasive attitude, especially after his girlfriend chimed in, "You're always bugging him about it. It gets kinda annoying, ya know?"
Renee appeared on her friend Cherry Martinez's radio show centered  on people coping with loved ones in prison. On "Lockdown Love," she let off some steam about how her Prince Charming morphed into the "Prince of [expletive] Darkness."
Karen continued to sort out her baggage, including Renee's request to clear the air with Drita. When she met Ramona at La Bella Marketplace she discussed the idea but Ramona wasn't feeling it.
"You're dealing with a different beast here...Put her out with the trash," Ramona declared.
When Drita talked about potentially making peace with Karen, her friend Nicole also had her doubts that the opposition could be trusted or genuine.
But Karen put Drita on the backburner to focus on convincing her family to uproot from their home in Arizona to join her in New York, the land of opportunities. Her ex-boyfriend David flew over to visit, talk it out, and share a steamy night of romance that may have rekindled Karen's feelings for him. After David's ten years in prison for involvement in an ecstasy ring, the two had grown apart. With their daughter Karina hoping for a family reunion, they might be on their way to creating a future together.
As for Drita and Karen's future? They hit the ring -- er, dinner table -- next episode.

Quotable: "My problem lies with Ramona and it's a massive problem...No one's going to be able to pry me off of her. I'm going to be chewing on her face like a leech." – Drita D'Avanzo


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