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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucchese captain suffering from Alzheimer's shown no mercy from judge

A reputed Luchese crime family captain suffering from Alzheimer's disease was sentenced Thursday to one year in prison for loan sharking.

Domenico "Danny" Cutaia, 76, is scheduled to be released next month from a federal prison hospital in Minnesota, where he has been serving a previous 39-month term for bank fraud. He appeared in court via video teleconference.

Defense lawyer Michael Rosen said Cutaia had recently suffered a stroke and hoped to go home. "The clock is ticking and he is in very, very poor health," Rosen said.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Eric Vitaliano agreed that the defendant should get less than the 57 months suggested in the sentencing guidelines, but said a get-out-of-jail card wouldn't be appropriate due to his life of crime.

Cutaia could not watch the sentencing from the hospital, but he was told that his wife, daughter-in-law and grandson were all in the courtroom.

"Thank you, tell them thank you," he said.

The longtime mobster had pleaded guilty to supervising the collection of a $48,000 loan from a deadbeat who had fallen behind on his $1,000-a-month interest payments.



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