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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gambino associate involved in another stabbing

That wasn’t red sauce on his hands.
A Gambino crime family associate who beat charges of knifing the owner of popular Brooklyn pizza joint Lucali almost two years ago was again busted for wielding a blade — this time during a bar brawl, The Post has learned.
Ex-con Battista “Benny” Geritano, 40, allegedly stabbed Nunzio Fusco, 26, twice in the gut and once in the shoulder as the two fought inside Bay Ridge lounge Nouveau during the early-morning hours of Dec. 23.
Geritano — here leaving Brooklyn federal court yesterday — was previously accused of carving up dough-tosser Mark Iacono in Carroll Gardens, on April 15, 2011, over a reputed love triangle. The case was dropped when both refused to cooperate with authorities.
Geritano’s recent trouble began when Fusco accidentally bumped into him around 2 a.m. while walking through the Third Avenue hot spot with his girlfriend, sources added.
Fusco apologized and headed to the bar to order drinks, but Geritano refused to let it go and gave Fusco an icy glare, sources said.
Geritano then sidled up to the bar and intentionally knocked into Fusco, sources added.
“Listen, I apologized for bumping into you. I don’t want any problems,” Fusco allegedly said to the mobbed-up tough guy who was sprung from federal lockup on Aug. 24. Geritano, apparently hankering for a fight, then shoved Fusco’s gal pal and all hell broke loose, sources said.
Fusco threw a punch and he and Geritano were quickly trading blows, the sources said.
Bouncers broke up the fight and Geritano — who ran with the infamous robbery gang called the “Night Drop Crew” from 1993 to 2003 — fled the scene, sources added. Fusco was then escorted out and realized he was bleeding from his stomach.
He was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, the same hospital Iacono was treated after his dust-up with Geritano.
Surgeons had to cut open Fusco’s torso to ensure no vital organs had been punctured — and he needed stitches to his midsection and shoulder.
Investigators obtained video footage from inside the club, which allegedly showed Geritano brandishing the blade.
“Mr. Geritano denies participation in any type of stabbing and it’s a case of misidentification,” said his attorney, Vincent Romano.
Geritano, still on federal probation after serving just under a year in prison for smoking pot while on supervised release, was picked up at his probation appointment on Monday, and was back at Brooklyn federal court yesterday. He previously did 71 months in the big house for the 10-year, nationwide bank robbery spree.
He was arrested at the 68th Precinct on charges of assault and weapons possession.



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