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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reformed convict pleads for leniency on behalf Colombo street boss

He’s a moralist, a champion of law and order — and the street boss of the Colombo crime family.
A Wharton Business School alum who served prison time for selling drugs on Penn’s Ivy League campus has written a heartfelt letter to a judge about Andrew “Mush” Russo, the wiseguy who helped turn his life around.
Alexander Eugenio Moskovits says he was in an Alabama federal prison on drug charges 25 years ago when he met Russo, who dissuaded him from a life of crime.
“Mr. Russo took deliberate steps with the proverbial patience of a priest to re-educate me with an aversion for drugs and crime and inculcated a love for law and justice,” Moskovits wrote to Brooklyn federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto.
“Mr. Russo rehabilitated me in that short period of time by steering me in the direction of the prison law library and teaching me the wrongfulness of my involvement with drugs.”
Moskovits, 48, asks the judge to keep this in mind when she sentences the 78-year-old mobster in the coming weeks on racketeering charges. Russo faces a prison term of 33 to 41 months behind bars under federal sentencing guidelines.



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