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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Genovese mob rat gets break on prison sentencing

A mob rat sulking over the nine-year sentence he received for his role in the murder of a Staten Island jeweler got some time shaved off his term.

Former Genovese associate Christopher Prince, 30, was seeking his release from prison after serving five years for acting as the lookout in the fatal robbery of Louis Antonelli in 2008. Instead, he got a year knocked off the 45 months remaining on his sentence.

Federal prosecutors were in Prince’s corner, arguing that he had testified against Genovese capo Anthony Antico, who was acquitted of ordering the robbery. Prince was also prepared to testify against Colombo mob bigshot Michael Persico before he pleaded guilty to a deal of the century offered by the government.

Meanwhile, Prince was slapped with more jail time than more murderous mob rats like Bonanno heavyweights Salvatore Vitale, who has 11 murders on his résumé, and Richard Canterella, with three.

U.S. District Judge Carol Amon said she was not persuaded that Prince had earned a get-out-of-jail card.

“To what extent is any of this new or wasn’t known at the original sentencing?” Amon asked in Brooklyn federal court.

The judge noted Prince had faced 30 years in prison, so the term he received was a significant reward for his cooperation.

Prince will likely be released into the witness protection program.

“I don’t think ‘time served’ would be appropriate in light of the very serious criminal conduct he was involved in before he cooperated,” Amon said.

Prince shrugged in the direction of family members, indicating the reduction was better than nothing.



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