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Monday, September 1, 2014

Judge sentences son of Vinny Gorgeous to over three years in federal prison

Stephen Basciano was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison for his role in a marijuana ring.
He said he didn’t want to “walk down the same path” as his father, but the son of mob boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano is now following him to federal prison.
Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan sentenced Stephen Basciano, 30, to three and a half years in a federal lockup on Friday for his role in operating a large-scale marijuana ring.
“This went on for years,” Sullivan said of the criminal enterprise. “This wasn’t just one shot.”
Basciano had pleaded for mercy from the judge in a handwritten letter earlier this week, assuring him that he’d learned from his mistakes, and saying he wanted to marry his girlfriend and move on with his life.
Basciano’s father once ran the Bonanno family, and is now serving two life sentences at the Supermax prison in Colorado. His son insisted he wasn’t a chip off the old block.
“Your Honor, I’m a good kid with a big heart that made a horrible decision, and this is not what I want for my life,” he wrote.
Vincent Basciano, a former Bonanno family boss, is serving two life-sentences in a federal prison.  
Vincent Basciano, a former Bonanno family boss, is serving two life-sentences in a federal prison.
In a courtroom packed with friends and family on Friday, he told the judge, “I just want to let you know this will never happen again. I’ll never risk my freedom again,” he said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”
Basciano’s lawyer, Joshua Dratel, had urged Sullivan to give his client less than the 37-to-46-month sentence called for by federal sentencing guidelines, but the judge said he would not, given the seriousness of the crime.
He instead sentenced him to 42 months, and urged Basciano to make good on his words about walking the straight and narrow. “This is no way to live,” Sullivan said.
Two of Basciano’s brothers were also arrested in the drug scheme. One, Joseph, who was less involved, was sentenced to six months in jail last month. The other, Vincent Jr., is expected to be sentenced later this year.



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