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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Former Bonanno enforcer turned podcast star denied bail after being busted for violent threats


A Bonanno wiseguy-turned-government snitch was busted Sunday — after threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend’s husband and “beat the dog sh—” out of her father.

Gene Borrello, 36, had been on supervised release after helping Brooklyn federal prosecutors convict more than 21 mobsters — including Bonanno captain Vincent Asaro for arson after his stunning acquittal in the $6 million Lufthansa heist.

But his temper — and mouth — got away from him on Jan. 24 after his ex-girlfriend refused to give him permission to publish a picture of her in a book he’s working on, Assistant US Attorney Lindsay Gerdes told a Brooklyn federal judge Monday at a bail hearing.

“He said, ‘The minute you call the cops on me and grow those balls, you watch, I’ll blow your husband’s head right off in the middle of the street,'” Gerdes told US Magistrate Judge Robert Levy.

“Remember what I used to do. I will grab your father right now and beat the dog sh— out of him. Be happy I don’t grab you and your fat, ugly husband by the neck and drag you down the street,” she recounted of the disturbing exchange.

Borrello was arrested Sunday night for violating his supervised release by threatening his ex —and for associating with convicted felon John Alite, a former Gambino-hitman-turned-cooperator who testified against John “Junior” Gotti.

Borrello has hosted several episodes of a podcast with Alite called “The Johnny & Gene Show” — which Gerdes said “effectively glorifies crime and that type of activity committed by the La Cosa Nostra.”

She added that the former Howard Beach gangster has been “posting videos of himself on social media holding thousands of dollars, wearing expensive Rolex watches, driving around in a high-end Porsche and wearing thousands of dollars in designer apparel.”

The prosecutor urged the judge to hold Borrello without bail, citing his inability to control his temper and his expansive criminal history.

He pleaded guilty in 2016 to racketeering conspiracy and was sentenced to three years’ supervised release and time served, which amounted to about five years in prison, for more than two dozen crimes that could have put him in jail for life, Gerdes said.

The offenses included multiple shootings, “home invasions, where people were tied up, brazen daylight burglaries” arsons and beatings, the prosecutor added.

An aggrieved Borello — and his mom — repeatedly interjected during Gerdes’ statement.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this to me, Lindsay,” Borrello pleaded. “I made one mistake with my ex-girlfriend, why are you burying me like this?”

Borello’s mom also weighed in, begging the judge to keep her son out of jail. “Gene is a very good-hearted person,” she said. “He’s doing nothing but the right thing. Yes, he did speak a little bit. He does have a mouth, but he is bipolar…he didn’t hurt nobody and he’s not going to hurt nobody.”

She added that his relationship with his ex is over and now, “He has a nice girlfriend, Joanna — she’s from Staten Island.”

The judge was unpersuaded and ordered Borrello locked up without bail on the new charges.

His mom chimed in “he’ll probably get his throat slit” by one of the mobsters he helped put away.



  1. This guy is such an idiot. Rats people out to get out of jail, seems to be working towards a legal life albeit one where he talks shit on a podcast of rats but then does something as stupid as this. Like dude you're a rat you can't go around talking tough anymore. Once you rat that game is over you can't play the tough guy anymore. Then he wonders why they're coming down on him as if threats are a joke coming from someone who used to be violent.

    1. You are Absolutely right. This RAT 🐀 bastard sent people to prison, because he can't survive in prison. And then he goes on the internet /sociaL media trying to portray himself as a baller, and threatens a woman and her father. smh .Now he's crying in court, with his mom saying the truth about him getting his throat cut.

    2. Stfu couch gangster. You would probably rat for less if you got caught up in something

  2. That's what you get. Never believe cooperating with the feds will ever turn out good.

    1. Thats right. He thought because he got out by cooperating, that he can portray on social media that he is tough. He's a 🐀 RAT bastard who now knows that he is going to get what he deserves in prison.

  3. the podcast should be called "the mixed message podcast." for every guy they say they turn away from the life, probably two others want to be exactly like gene borello or john alite.

  4. What a freaking imbecile! He goes on a podcast with other 🐀 Rats, and wants to talk tough and portray like he's rich smh. Now he's crying and asking why he's being jailed. Because he's a freaking piece of s#!t, who threw other people under the bus to save himself from going to jail. And now he is in jail, with the very guys he testified against, looking for some payback. KARMA.

  5. God dont like ugly.