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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fat Sal is stumped on the witness stand during Colombo murder trial

Government evidence photos of the murder and racketeering trial against Colombo associate Frank (BF) Guerra.
Frank Guerra (l.) is accused in the 1994 mob slaying of Michael Devine (r.) at an underground parking garage in Staten Island.

A 400-POUND mob rat was flip-flopping like a whale out of water Wednesday at a Colombo racketeering trial.
Salvatore "Fat Sal" Mangiavillano claimed that defendant Frank Guerra admitted participating in a murder in an underground Staten Island garage.
Guerra told him he was worried that his car was caught on surveillance cameras, Mangiavillano said on direct examination.
But on cross, Mangiavillano was confronted with an FBI report in which he said the garage attendant recognized Guerra.
There was no garage attendant when Michael Devine was gunned down in 1994.
“The agents must have gotten it wrong,” Mangiavillano insisted. Defense lawyer Gerald McMahon argued that two veteran FBI agents are more credible than the witness.


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