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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mobster admits breaking cars to drum up business for auto shop

Carroll Gardens was different back then.
A former Colombo associate testified yesterday about his partnership with a Brooklyn mob chop-shop owner and his efforts to drum up neighborhood auto-repair business.
Joseph “Joe Kreo” Iborti said in Brooklyn federal court that he would roam the streets of Carroll Gardens in the mid 1990s, damaging cars so badly that they needed to be fixed.
“I’d bang up cars,” Iborti said. He said sometimes he’d “pour some acid on.”
Many of the residents took their vandalized automobiles to a nearby shop owned by Eric Curcio, unaware that he was a mob associate in cahoots with Iborti.
Iborti, who flipped for the feds, was testifying at a mob murder trial.
He also reminisced about his sideline as a car thief — admitting to having stolen more than 200 cars in his career.


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