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Friday, November 16, 2012

Disc jockey responds to alleged murder threat by mob boss

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29
Longtime Philadelphia disc jockey Jerry Blavat visited "Good Day" on Wednesday morning to talk to us about an apparent mob hit put out on him.
The bombshell development came during the Philadelphia mob trial that is ongoing at the federal courthouse.
A wiseguy-turned-federal witness testified Tuesday that purported mob boss Joe "The Uncle" Ligambi threatened to whack "The Geator with the Heater."
In fact, Lou "Bent Finger" Monacello says the death threat against Blavat is what he and Ligambi were discussing in a FOX 29 undercover tape subpoenaed by the feds and played in court.
Monacello says Ligambi was upset about an unflattering Philadelphia Magazine article about him and considered Blavat the magazine's source.
Blavat's response to all of the revelations on Wednesday morning?
"Listen, let me tell you something about Joe Ligambi. I know his family. This is the nicest guy. I mean, I grew up with Joe Ligambi. His kids worked with me at Memories in Margate. Let me give you my take on this: This trial is about gambling, loan-sharking, not about murders. So, whoever this guy is, this informant, if he's wired and talking to Joe Ligambi, and the FBI is listening to this because he's an informant, why didn't the FBI come to me and say, 'Your life is in danger.'"
As for "Bent Finger," Blavat said, "I think he's got a bent head."



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