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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Renee from Mob Wives meets younger boyfriend at Big Ang's wake

Funerals aren’t usually a place to pick up hot guys, but “Mob Wife” Renee Graziano met a younger man at Big Ang’s wake in February.
Graziano’s suitor is described as a “Ronnie [Magro] from ‘Jersey Shore’ look-alike.”
The pair were spotted at City Lobster in Midtown on Thursday, where Graziano was heard telling a waitress, “Before Ang’s passing, I asked her to help me meet someone normal. But Ang said, ‘I only know wiseguys.’ Then all of a sudden at her wake, a guy taps me on the shoulder . . . Starts a conversation and asks for my number. I thank Ang every day for helping me find him.”
Graziano posted an Instagram photo of her beau, but took it down when people kept mistaking him for muscular Magro.


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