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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Drita walks off Reunion special

Remember when the 'Mob Wives' peacefully broke bread at Big Ang's behest? Well, the smiles and hugs all went out the window in the first of two reunion specials.
Joy Behar was tasked with interviewing the women and making sense of the senseless of the past season. The View co-host has shared a table amidst catfights in her day, but probably none of such unstable magnitude.
Behar eased her way in with the event that – according to her – "left all of Staten Island stunned": Junior Pagan's takedown of his father-in-law. A potpourri of video clips recapped the betrayal that left Renee in tears which culminated in "The Feds are taking my dad!"
mw reunion 5.20.12.jpgOld wounds were reopened in Part One of the 'Mob Wives' Reunion
Jennifer Graziano, Renee's sister who is the show's creator and executive producer, also joined the cast on the set to answer questions. As far as the "selfish, self centered, evil" Junior is concerned, neither of the sisters have spoken to him since he worked as an FBI informant to take out their father and close friends. Apparently, he had used his watch to wear the wire.
So that's why Junior didn't exactly jump for joy at the new fancy watch Renee bought him for his birthday. Great job by Detective Behar.
Renee dropped a bomb rather nonchalantly that she was pregnant during the ensuing drama.
"Because of all this I miscarried back in January. That's actually why I ended up in the hospital," Renee revealed.
Though her sister Jenn momentarily questioned whether to keep the cameras rolling, her sister was already comfortable having her life as open as a book.
Other revelations from the reunion: The ladies think their colorful language must be a product of "the water in Staten Island."
Nothing bothers Big Ang, because she doesn't want to "die from the stress." She does like everything big though and doesn't mind being a size 36 J.
How did she avoid all those fights?
"I left," she said with her trademark throaty laugh.
Behar couldn't quite wrap her head around the ladies knack for violence and feuding. With friends like these, who needs enemies?
Renee was ready to crack Carla's head open in the beginning of the season after she neglected to call her during the rough ride in the hospital.
"I'm oversensitive, over emotional. I'm over the top," Renee conceded. But if Carla wasn't so darn calm, she wouldn't have gotten under Renee's skin so much.
Of course Ramona and Karen got on Carla's case for being Pro-Drita and they weren't fans of her comments after watching the season air back either.
With the sudden eruption of bleeps, it was hard to decipher what exactly they were screaming about. Did Carla have some sort of dirty dealings with Karen's uncle?
Behar saved the infamous Celebration of Life party for last.
Big Ang hoped it could be a venue for Drita and Karen to talk out their problems. Jenn was assured by both cast mates it wouldn't get physical. Yeah right. They couldn't even rehash it without going wild.
"I saw your body language, that's why I went over there. You're cuckoo. She's cuckooer," Ramona explained.
Drita didn't like the explanation and was certain Ramona came in the middle that night to rile her up. Mission accomplished, once again.
"I could have brought many people there for me and they would have unleashed like beasts," Drita shouted with flames in her eyes.
She and Ramona popped off their respective couches screaming while the other women stood to get in between the melee.
Behar sat back stunned, pathetically asking them to let Karen speak, and beckoned Drita who walked off, to come back.
In part one of the Reunion special, the fuse was lit. For part two, expect it to blow up.



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