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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Judge gives mob rat no jail for Christmas


 Evidence photo of Nicholas Pisciotti, aka "PJ" from the racketeering trial of Bonanno crime boss Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano.
Somehow this guy made it on the “nice” list.
A murderous mob rat got a plum sentence just in time for Christmas — no jail time as a reward for testifying against former Bonanno boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano.
Nicholas "P.J." Pisciotti was a capo in the crime family himself before deciding to cooperate because he thought fellow wiseguys were planning to whack him.
"He's provided a lot of intelligence information regarding…a number of individuals ultimately (who) were convicted based in part on information provided by Mr. Pisciotti," Assistant U.S. Attorney Taryn Merkl said Friday, according to an unsealed transcript of the sentencing.
The biggest fish Pisciotti helped the government harpoon was Basciano, by testifying at his 2007 racketeering and murder trial that ended with the flamboyant gangster convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
Pisciotti admitted he participated in the fatal stabbing of a Bonanno associate inside a bar in the 1990s, and was arrested for beating up the co-owners of a Little Italy restaurant over a dispute stemming from the city's smoking ban.
But the toughguy apparently cleaned up his act sufficiently for a New Jersey judge to award him custody of his teenage son and two daughters in a custody battle with his ex-wife.
Pisciotto told Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis he has reinvented himself as a partner in health clubs in Manhattan.
"I don't go in that often anymore because I raise my children," Mr. Mom told the judge. "I'm sorry for those acts that I have brought upon myself."
Pisciotti was sentenced to time served — about two years in the can after he was arrested in 2007 for marijuana dealing on behalf of the Bonannos.


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