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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago Whacked

VH1 Bumps Off "Mob Wives Chicago"
"Mob Wives Chicago" has been iced.
The VH1 reality show featured five women married or related to reputed mobsters in Chicago.
A spokesman confirmed to the Chicago Sun-Times that the show will not be coming back for a second season after an 11-episode run.
Cast member Pia Rizza told the newspaper that the Sunday night summer time slot and competition with the Olympics were factors in the low ratings.
The show was a spinoff of "Mob Wives," which followed the lives of five New York women with husbands connected to the Mafia.
The Chicago show faced some opposition from an Italian-American group that objected to the Mafia stereotypes, and businesses that would not cooperate with the show.


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